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Crown Tip Studs - for Bike Tires

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Gnarly! For tires with pre-formed pockets, this Triple-Traction stud from Terrene provides three gripping points per stud. Use as replacement for factory-studded Terrene tires, or stud your own. Fits any pocketed or factory-studded bike tire.
  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Available in standard length or a 1.5mm shorter version for low rolling resistance
  • Aluminum body, Tungsten carbide tip
  • Weight: 0.25 g per stud
  • Works in any bike tires with pre-formed pockets (not for traditional tires without pockets meant for studs). We have yet to find a pocketed tire that these don't fit.
  • Great for fat bike tires
  • Stud Insertion tool available separately

Need help choosing a stud type? Check our Stud FAQ.

Installation tips available on our Stud Installation page.

* Vee Snow Avalanche owners - this tire actually takes 250 studs, not 240 as indicated in their specs.