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"If you ride a bike, you're a BIKESTUD. It's that simple."

We are a small company of Minnesotans who cycle in all seasons. We've always loved bikes, like you most likely, and we've never let winter stop us. But with the introduction of fat bikes, we re-discovered trail riding in a new way... having skied on trails for decades, being able to experience the serene beauty of the winter woods—on a bicycle—made for a completely new outdoor experience. It combined a passion for bicycles with the love of winter sports in a way that surpassed any prior experience... and we were instantly hooked.

BIKESTUD came along as an effort to bring affordable traction to the fat bike marketplace. With few options available, and nothing priced for the rider on a budget, we set out to make tire studs affordable for any cyclist. And it turns out we were on the right track... our first batch sold out in 36 hours. We doubled the re-supply quantity which sold out in just a few days, and we've been going strong ever since - now with more than a million studs in service.

A good portion of our revenue, aside from what's spent on inventory and expenses, gets channeled back into the cycling community. We sponsor races and provide logistical assistance. We support trail maintenance groups. We contribute to organizations with financial support, product, swag, and publicity. We love being able to help make fat biking and other forms of cycling a vibrant and exciting opportunity to love being outdoors. With your purchases at BIKESTUD, you help make that happen too.

And it's reached beyond the studs now... people love our product, but they also love our brand. The BIKESTUD moniker has been a hit since we offered our first t-shirt. People often tell us about the comments they get whenever they wear our shirts and hats. It's a brand, but it's also a statement, a proclamation, an identity. And it fits anyone. If you ride a bike, you're a BIKESTUD. It's that simple.

So, suit up and stud up. Get a grip, and get riding. See you out there!

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