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Crown Tip Ultra XL Studs - for Bike Tires

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The Gnarliest! For tires with pre-formed pockets, this monster-size Triple-Traction Ultra-Traction stud from Terrene provides three gripping points per stud. The carbide tip is the same width as the stud body, making it the fattest stud on the market. Use as replacement for factory-studded Terrene tires, or stud your own. Fits any pocketed or factory-studded bike tire.
  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Monster size = monster grip
  • Aluminum body, Tungsten carbide tip
  • Weight: 0.42 g per stud
  • Works in any bike tires with pre-formed pockets (not for traditional tires without pockets meant for studs). We have yet to find a pocketed tire that these don't fit.
  • Great for fat bike tires
  • Stud Insertion tool available separately

Need help choosing a stud type? Check our Stud FAQ.

Installation tips available on our Stud Installation page.

* Vee Snow Avalanche owners - this tire actually takes 250 studs, not 240 as indicated in their specs.