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Terrene Yippee Ki Yay 27.5 x 4.3" Fat Tire

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Looking for a mid-width fat tire with maximum stud density? From winter ice and snow to loose sand and dirt, Yippee Ki Yay is designed to help you perform at your best wherever the route leads.

Designed for year-round traction in mixed loose terrain, the YKY tread design is created to enable excellent braking, acceleration, and cornering for aggressive riders on various surfaces. Longitudinal side lugs aid traction in soft conditions and allow the tire to hold a corner in soft sand and snow without washing out. The tread block size was designed to keep weight down while still offering substantial bite into the trail surface, and features a studdable design with 250 stud pockets for excellent winter traction in icy conditions.

  • 27.5 x 4.3" fat tire
  • Tubeless ready by design
  • 250 stud pockets
  • Available non-studded or with or with triple-traction crown-tip studs pre-installed
  • Self-install studs available separately
  • Compatible with 65-100 mm rim widths
  • 120 TPI casing, 62a Compound, Aramid bead
  • Non-studded weight: ~1565g
  • Pre-studded weight: ~ 1640g