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Tire Stud Insertion Tool

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Our custom stud installation tool makes studding your bike tires as painless as possible. Available in two versions, the original with a slightly magnetized tip (Mini-mag), and our newly improved model with neodymium magnet (Monster-mag) that holds the stud securely in place--you can even shake it and still retain the stud.

  • Now available with monster magnet tip that holds stud in place!
  • Contoured handle for comfortable, secure grip
  • Short, sturdy shaft for power and control
  • Usage tips available on our Stud Installation page

How do I know which version I have?

  • The original "Mini-mag" version has a magnetized steel tip which holds the stud slightly better than a non-magnetized tool. This tool has a logo on the handle that says "BIKESTUD.com."
  • Our new "Monster-mag" version has an integrated neodymium magnet which holds the stud securely in the tip, even if you shake the tool. The logo on the handle says "BIKESTUD" without the ".com"

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