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Terrene Cake Eater 27.5" Fat Tire

Regular price $120.00

Cake Eater 27.5 x 4.5 studded version is currently back-ordered by Terrene. ETA is unknown. Please check back for updates or feel free to order another model (the non-studded version is available, and we have studs if you'd like to DIY).

Terrene Cake Eater is a handy compromise between traction and efficiency. Plus, it's studdable for ice-cutting grip. With similar tread pattern as the Wazia, but with shorter knobs for lower rolling resistance, more siping for multi-terrain performance, and more stud pockets for improved winter traction.

  • 27.5 x 4.0" or 4.5" (26" also available)
  • Tubeless ready by design
  • 120 TPI casing, 62a Compound, Aramid bead
  • 180 stud pockets
  • Available non-studded or pre-studded with 160 TripleTraction studs
  • Self-install studs available separately
  • Non-studded weight: ~1350 g (4.0") & 1490 g (4.5")
  • Pre-studded weight: ~ 1395 g (4.0") & 1535 g (4.5")