Affordable Studs and Tires
for your Fat Bike Adventures

The most affordable way
to stud your tires
(For tires with pre-formed pockets)

Now offering TERRENE WAZIA tires!
The best of both worlds:
Snow traction + Studs

Simple, easy tool
for efficient installation
Magnetized tip holds stud


Flat carbide tip
Aluminum body
0.26 grams each
Aggressive grip
*Best seller*

Designed for tires
with pockets:
Dillinger, Escalator,
Gnarwhal, Snowshoe,
Wazia... (see FAQ)


Ultralight, 120 TPI, Folding bead
Superior snow traction
Accepts up to 154 studs
(sold separately)

"It's like a Vanhelga
you can put studs in!"

Available widths:
4.0" & 4.6"


Flat-tip Studs: qty
Tire Width
Tool: $11

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$3 USA First Class
Flat rate on any stud/tool order
(for tires add $5 ea)
$12+ Canada shipping
Ships from USA, arrives in 2-5 days


Tire Stud Knowledge Base
Fat Wheel Knowledge Base


Click here for our bike tire stud installaiton video

Do NOT test-ride new tires before studding
(pebbles will get lodged in stud pockets).
Remove debris from pockets before adding studs.

Slide pointed end of stud into the end of the tool.
Push the flange of the stud into the pocket.
Angled approach and/or twisting motion will help the stud go in.
For easier insertion, lubricate with hand sanitizer or similar.

When flange bottoms out, remove the tool.
The flange will hold the stud in place.
End of stud body should be flush with knob surface
with only carbide tip protruding.

For increased stud retention,
ride 10-20 mi on hard surface to seat studs
before riding off road.

Removal is the opposite of insertion.

Wash hands after handling.
Cycle with care.

Tires must have pre-formed pockets.
If your tires do not have pockets,
these are not the studs for you.
(For regular tires, try gripstuds.)


Stud FAQ - Tire Stud Knowledge Base
Wheel FAQ - Fat Wheel Knowledge Base


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