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Priority Mail Shipping Upgrade

Regular price $5.00

Speed up the travel time for your order!*

For buyers in the USA, its territories, and APO addresses, we offer a USPS Priority Mail as an upgrade to our flat-rate shipping. This provides delivery times of 1-3 days for most addresses served by USPS domestic delivery. (Faster than our normal flat rate orders which go First-Class Mail and may take 1-7 days, depending on destination.)

The $5 charge for this upgrade applies in addition to the $5 flat rate charged on all domestic orders, so you will pay $10 total. Do not add more than one upgrade to your cart.

What does this get me?

  • Shortened time in transit for USA orders outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro and nearby areas.

Will this benefit me?

  • For USA orders under 1 pound (tool and up to ~1000 studs, and/or other lightweight items):
    • USA purchasers outside the Twin Cities metro and nearby areas who want to speed up the time in transit will benefit.
  • For USA orders over 1 pound (tires, orders more than 1000 studs, etc.):
    • Many of these orders already ship by priority mail so you may not need to purchase this add-on if you're sure the package is over one pound and don't mind UPS or Fedex as an alternative for heavier orders.
    • For larger heavier orders (2 tires or heavier) some orders go by UPS or Fedex for postage savings. You can add the Priority upgrade if you prefer to guarantee Priority Mail for those shipments (for more distant locations Priority Mail is generally faster than UPS and Fedex).
  • For purchasers in Minneapolis or St. Paul proper:
    • Generally first-class mail provides 1-day delivery here without the priority upgrade.
    • During holiday rush times priority mail can arrive faster than first class in some cases.
    • In Mpls and StP proper, This upgrade *may* result in same-day or next-day personal delivery to your address (possibly by bicycle) in lieu of Priority Mail. This may be provided, at our discretion, depending on time and availability.
  • For purchasers outside the USA:
    • Do not select this upgrade, it does not benefit you.
    • You will choose whichever shipping method you prefer during checkout and pay a calculated rate based on size, weight, and method.

How long's it gonna take with this upgrade?*

  • Orders are handed off to USPS within 1 business day of payment (usually within 24 hours). Our mail pickup is around 10AM, so orders placed after that time may go out the next mail day (but sometimes get handed off later the same day, especially during holiday rush times).
  • Most of MN, and near parts of WI and IA are typically 1-day in transit
  • The majority of the continental USA remainder should get 2-day transit times.
  • States more distant from the midwest (AK, HI, southwestern and coastal states) may take 3 days.
  • If you are in or near the Twin Cities metro, you probably do not need this; our normal flat rate (First-Class mail) service will likely reach you just as fast, except perhaps during the busiest times of the holiday rush season.

* ALL delivery estimates are approximate and not guaranteed. They are subject to weather conditions, carrier capacity, delivery volume, holiday rush, customs process, and/or other factors.